Lil John

Chihuahua Mix


1 year

12 lbs

Adoption Fee $400

Requirements: None

Lil John1.jpg
Lil John3.jpg
Lil John2.jpg

Hey guys! My name is Lil John, but I prefer to be known as the life of the party! Although I am likely full grown, I am very much a puppy. If you've had a cute but pesky younger sibling, then you get my gist.

I need a family that is willing to put in the time to show me how to be a well behaved dog. If you do that, I promise I'll be the boy to make all your friends and family jealous! I love to go for walks, but my foster mom says I need some leash work. All these colorful leaves are so fun to chase and try to eat! I am very good inside my kennel, however, I am still working on holding my bladder overnight. My family should be prepared to be patient with me outside and give me enough time to run around so that I go potty. I just love life, and sometimes I get so excited that I forget to go when it's potty time. Don't worry, I'm very smart and motivated, so if you put in the time to show me how to be the dog of your dreams, I will not disappoint!

Now let me tell you all about my best qualities. I absolutely love other dogs. They are so fun to play with! I play with dogs my own size as well as dogs much bigger than me! I can be a little annoying to them sometimes, but I do listen to clear communication. I even leave the dogs who don't want to play alone now. I'm very, very speedy and love to play chase! I have not met any cats yet, but my foster mom tells me I would probably try to play with them until they tell me to stop. I also love my humans. I love to be picked up, to jump onto laps and furniture to be closer to them. I give the best kisses.

Some of my favorite activities include being outside, playing with other dogs or people, and playing with toys. I love to play fetch! I also love to run alongside other dogs playing fetch. I am a bit of an energizer bunny in that I can run around all day! An active home who wants to play would be so much fun! Apply today to find out more!

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