Linny Mae



16 years

4 lbs

Adoption Fee $200

Requirements: Kids 13+ |
Only Dog or Calm Dogs |
Ranch-Style Home or Ability to Block Off Stairs


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LinnyMae2 - Mary-Agnes Janke.jpg
LinnyMae3 - Mary-Agnes Janke.jpg

Well hello there, my name is Linny Mae and I am one special lady. I have found myself looking for my forever home in my golden years. It’s okay though because I was not well taken care of before and now I’m living the good life. I have some struggles because of my past but have made huge strides with some love and consistency in my foster home. When I’m up and moving around I sport a diaper as I am not potty trained. I do know to go potty outside when we are out there. I struggle on slippery floors because I have a neurological issue that leaves me with a bouncy walk and loss of control of my limbs at times. I wear non-slip booties to help me get traction when I have bad days and those help a lot. I’m not afraid of the hardwood floors and will explore everything at my own pace but will seek out rugs to take breaks on. I have about 10-20% vision left and can hear loud noises.

At night and when my people are gone during the day, I hang out in my pen. I have my bed and blanket, food and water and pee pads that I use when I need to. I’m quiet all night, unless you sleep in, then I let you know that we should be up and out to go potty.

My absolute favorite thing is to snuggle with a good blanket on my people’s lap. It makes me so happy and I fall asleep right away. My last vet visit was to check and see where I was at. He said that I am quite spunky for my age and could have anywhere from 6 months to 1 year left to get love from my people. With that being said, I am looking for some very special people to take me in and understand that I may not have a ton of time left but I deserve to be spoiled and loved for what time I do have.

My ideal home would be one where people are home more often than not so I can be spoiled and loved as much as possible. I would not do well with rambunctious kids or dogs but would do just fine with mellow canine and feline friends. I am on meds that will need to be continued throughout my life. It’s only at night and I take them easily. I’m just looking for a home and people to love and call my own. Do you have the space in your heart and home for me? If so, fill out an application to meet me today.