Mallory Mae

Belgian Malinois Mix


10 months old

50 lbs

Adoption Fee $425

Requirements: Kids 10+ |
Another Playful Dog in Home

Preferred: Previous working breed experience


Mallory Mae is a very sweet and affectionate girl. She is energetic and active. She would do best with another doggie sister or brother that is also playful. She has a lot of energy and she would be happiest with always having something to do. Mallory Mae thinks cats are fun to play with, but the cats don’t appreciate her energy. If your cat is sensitive or doesn't have his/her own solace, this isn’t the girl for you. We are working on typical puppy behaviors that she was never taught. She needs to go to training classes to be the best that she can be. Due to her age and breeds, she will need lifelong training, exercise, and mental enrichment to live a fulfilled life. She is a very happy girl with a positive attitude. She will get you off of the couch and off of Netflix for sure. If you’re not afraid of commitment and being active, this is the girl for you. Apply for this cutie right away.