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Chihuahua Mix

6 years
12 lbs
Adoption Fee $450

Requirements: Martingale

Collar | No Children

Marshmallow 2.jpg
Marshmallow 1.jpg
Marshmallow 3.jpg

Hello, I heard you were looking for a Chihuahua. Well, I am all ears, literally. I am house trained, kennel trained and I walk perfectly on a leash. I come when I am called. I know “sit” and when you tell me “kennel” I am there.

I sometimes sit in my kennel because I can; the door is wide open and it is my safe space. I do sometimes put up the proverbial “Do Not Disturb” sign when I am in my kennel if I need a minute to compose myself. Sometimes I’ll come out right away and other times I’ll come out when I am ready. That’s the reason for my requirement; I just need everybody to be respectful of my kennel.  I currently live with three other dogs and I fell into the routine in my foster home immediately.

I love cuddling up under the blankets. I also love attention, you can pet me all day. Now onto some cute pictures of me to make you fall in love. If you like what you see, apply for me today!

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