Marshmellow Fluff

Hound Mix
6 months
31 lbs
Adoption Fee $425

Requirements: Fenced In Yard


Marshmellow Fluff is looking for a home that is willing to put in the time and energy to make her the perfect pup. She is full of energy and loves every human and dog she meets. Hasn’t met a cat, but would probably want to play. Marshmellow Fluff is very interested in birds, so having a safe place for her to run is important. She will sleep quietly in her kennel and alert you when she had an accident or needs to go potty. Her foster family is still figuring out what works for her during the daytime, as she prefers to just lay in the sun instead of doing potty breaks outside. Marshmellow is very food motivated and enjoys seeing what is cooking or being prepared. If you are needing a hug, she will curl up on your neck and enjoy your company.