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Maxine Sue

German Shepherd Mix

3.5 years
65 lbs
Adoption Fee $200

Requirements: No Small Children | No Small Animals | No Harness Use | German Shepherd Experience

Preferred: Fenced-in-Yard

Maxine Sue 2.jpg
Maxine Sue 3.jpg
Maxine Sue 1.jpg

Hey friends, my name is Maxine Sue, but my close friends call me Max. Here’s a little more information regarding my requirements. I would do best in a home without small children as I am very energetic and may knock them over. My foster mom thinks I mistake small animals for toys - chickens do kind of look like squeaky toys though! – so I would do best without small animals. I would love a fenced in yard as my long legs love to haul across the yard as FAST as I can. Even though I might be a mix, I am still very true to the German Shepherd breed, so breed experience would be helpful. And finally, no harness use, please. They are terribly uncomfortable and I will slip out of them due to me not liking them.

Now that those details are out of the way, here’s more about me! I am the most fun and energetic girl you will ever meet. I am truly versatile. My foster mom thinks I would excel in multiple categories: flyball, dock diving, AGILITY, nose work, or anything fast-paced. I do have an enormously large bark, so I can be a little scary. Don't worry, though. I'm a happy girl. I do well with most dogs that are engaging and fun. I do not care for dogs that take a while to warm up because it makes me terribly uncomfortable. So, if I'm going to live with another dog, I need a companion to match me.

I am very food motivated and extremely easy to train. Once I bond with my handler, I am extremely devoted and loyal and will do whatever is asked. I am a busybody and love to keep busy. My foster would say I'm more of a higher energy type. However, engagement toys, puzzles, and tasks help maintain my energy to moderate. I know all my basic commands and walk well on a leash (foster mom uses a martingale and I walk like a dream).

If interested in adding me to your family, apply for me today!

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