Sondra Huxtable

Part of the Cosby Litter

Heeler Mix


8 weeks

8 lbs

Adoption Fee $400

Requirements: None


Sondra Huxtable here, and I am ready to find my forever home! I'm irresistibly adorable and fluffy! I love my people and other dogs are fun too! Right now cats are kinda scary to me, but I am sure I'd learn to like them as long as introduced young. I'm your typical puppy, with short bursts of playfulness followed by lots of snuggles and snoozes. I'm still learning it's OK to be on my own and will make some noise in my crate, but eventually settle down. I'm doing really great on potty training, but as a puppy I still need lots of help from my humans to help me figure this out! I am a heeler mix that typically is high energy and can have a herding drive. While I’m not a fan of the cold or snow yet I probably will love the outdoors when I get older. So please look into my breed and only apply if you’re interested in having an active herding breed dog for the next 15 years and Not because I’m a cute fluffy puppy for the next six months!

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