Mr. Axel

Pit Bull Mix

9 months
42 lbs
Adoption Fee $425

Requirements: Only Pet | Kids 10+ | Proof of training within 60 days

Mr. Axel 1.jpg
Mr. Axel 3.jpg
Mr. Axel 2.jpg

Mr. Axel is a sweet energetic Pitty mix looking to find the right family to help him grow into the dog he can be.

Mr. Axel is learning the appropriate way to interact with children and can be a mouthy player, and sometimes plays too rough. Older kids are a little more sturdy. His training requirement is because he needs to learn the correct behaviors as he grows up. A family who is willing to commit to putting in the work with training and helping Mr. Axel learn how to be a polite dog is what is needed. He has a lot of potential, and with the right training and loving family he will make an amazing family member.

Mr. Axel's foster family says he is a sweetheart who loves to snuggle after he has played. With the right training and love, he will be an amazing family member.

If you are ready to commit to loving this hunk, apply to meet him today.