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Mr Roscoe



8 years

35 lbs

Adoption Fee $300


Fenced in Yard | No Cats

Hey you! My name is Roscoe. I am estimated to be about 8 years old but I don't feel it or act it. I am a typical beagle and love to follow my nose so a fenced yard is a must. I am not a huge snuggler apart from those few rare moments. The times we do snuggle I can be a little protective of my person around other dogs. I have not been reactive around other dogs at any other time. I just like our snuggle time to be about us. I would be great with a child. I'd be their protector and personal food cleaner upper. I love curling up in a dog bed that's close to you that is piled with blankets I can kick around. I am crate trained but honestly I don't need to be because I'm a really good boy. I'm fine when left alone but would love if we can sometimes go on adventures together. I would do best in a home without cats since I'm a hunter and like to chase them. Overall, I'm a mellow boy who is easy to please with yummy wet food, a place to snuggle, toys to play with, and a person to love and be loyal to. Apply for me today!