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Shetland Sheepdog

5 years
20 lbs
Adoption Fee $450

Requirements: Fenced-in-

Yard | Martingale

Collar | Another Dog in the Home

Murin 3.jpg
Murin 2.jpg
Murin 1.jpg

Hello, my name is Murid and I’m a super sweet, low energy, retired mama. I’m a shy girl ready to start living my best life with a loving and patient family. I like people of all sizes but am still getting used to human touch. I have started to seek it out and have learned that scratches behind the ears are heavenly.

Being in a new environment I hear a lot of unfamiliar noises and sometimes I get a little scared. For this reason, my foster mom thinks my new home should have a secure fenced yard and that I should wear one of those fancy martingale collars.

Other dogs don’t bother me and having another one in my forever home would probably help show me how this being a pampered pup thing works. I don’t know what a cat is but my foster mom can’t imagine I’d be a bother to one.

I am potty trained and keep my kennel clean. I don’t mind my kennel, it is my safe space and I go in without any problems. A soft, tasty treat always makes it easier for me. If you are a family that has patience, lots of love and tons of affection to give, I’m your girl! Apply for me today

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