Part of the NCIS Litter

Mixed Breed
3 months
15 lbs

Adoption Fee $425

Requirements: None

Preferred: Fenced-In Yard

NCIS McGee 2.jpg
NCIS McGee 1.jpg

Doggy Diary,

It's pup NCIS McGee here, from the NCIS litter. I have fully adapted to my foster families schedule. When my foster mom says sleepy time, I go to my crate and beat my brother to it every time. I always beat him to the door when we are called to come back inside too. My foster family say I am getting better with potty training, so I get to explore more areas in the house.


I am getting more play time with my two bigger foster brothers too. One of them is silly and thinks I am a sheep. He keeps trying to herd me where he wants me to go. Most of my siblings have found their forever families. I keep looking for my mine, but I haven't seen them yet. My foster family says I will find them someday and that my forever family will love me just as much as they do. Well it's time to go play now. I will check in again soon.

Bye for now.