Pit Bull/Bulldog Mix

4-5 years
50 lbs
Adoption Fee $250

Requirements: Kids 8+ | Single Family Home

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Neven is a sweet, adorable, and sensitive boy looking for his forever home. He is low-medium energy. He loves chewing on chew toys and laying next to you. Neven can get in a playful mood where he breaks out a small case of the zoomies!


Neven is a sensitive boy. He does have separation anxiety, so his forever home needs to be willing to work with him on this so he can be the best he can be. A home with alternating work schedules or someone working from home could benefit him and help build up the time he spends alone. He's does bark when left alone, so a single family home is needed for Neven.


He is also insecure and needs help building his confidence. Eye contact makes him nervous along with fast hand movements. For this reason children ages 8 or older are best for him at this time. If he is uncomfortable he will do his best to turn and look away, respecting this is important. Neven just needs a kind family that will show him to trust. Once Neven feels comfortable he's all about the pets and kisses! He's a very loving and affectionate pup!


Neven is dog friendly but can feel uncomfortable with any face to face interaction and will turn away. Once a dog turns away from him he shows more confidence and goes in for the butt sniff. He does seem to show more confidence with female dogs. So ideally a female that is respectful of his space and allows him the time to get comfortable would be best! There is potential for him to be playful once comfortable but not guaranteed especially on how playful he could be. He hasn't met a cat before, but his foster feels he would do just fine.


Neven is still working on potty training. He knows to go outside but occasionally will inside if not taken out in time.Taking him out frequently especially after meal time is important. He hates the cold and will try to convince you he doesn't have to go, but he does!


Overall, Neven is the most adorable stage 5 clinger around! He needs a family that is loving, patient, and willing to work with him. In return he'll be the best companion you could ask for!

**As part of the WGR Pitty Posse, I will come with my very own Pitty Package.