Noah Lee

Shih Tzu Mix

9 years
15 lbs
Adoption Fee $200

Requirements: Martingale Collar | Kids 5+ | No Apartments/Condos/Townhomes | Another Low Energy Dog in the Home or Adopters that are Home Often

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Noah Lee 2.jpg
Noah Lee 1.jpg

Noah Lee is a sweet senior that is looking to spend his golden years being loved unconditionally in his forever home. Life has thrown him a lot of change and heartbreak in the past few months, so he needs a very loving and patient home to help his heart heal and help him thrive.


Noah Lee loves to love and be loved. He’s a lap dog at heart. Because of all the recent changes in his life, he takes time to warm up. He’s a gentle soul, but fearful of new people and situations. It takes a few days for him to forge a bond with new people, but he makes such a sweet sidekick once you’ve earned his trust. He enjoys the company of other calm, respectful dogs. Higher energy dogs are too overwhelming for this low energy fellow. There are no cats in his foster home, but he would likely be fine with cats as long as they are calm and respectful of his space as well. Noah Lee gets along well with the children in his foster home, but kids 5+ will make the best fit to ensure that they understand his need for calmer energy and slower movements around him.


Noah Lee sleeps nicely throughout the night in his crate. He goes nicely in his crate during the day when needed as well, but he will let out some disappointed whines when he’s in his crate while family is home. Noah Lee can be pretty vocal if he’s feeling lonely, so for this reason he will do best either with adopters that are home often or with another calm, lower energy dog in the home. Potty training is ongoing. He will need consistency to be successful. He is sure to do his business when he is outside but has still been having accidents in the house.


Noah Lee really is a lovable pup with a heart of gold. If you have the time, patience, and love to help this boy thrive, he will repay you with his love, loyalty, and snuggles.