Pitty Mix


5-7 years

58 lbs

Adoption Fee $250

Requirements: Kids 13+ | No Cats | Additional Training


Om hasn't had the easiest life. He came to us extremely underweight. Om has made great progress gaining weight but still has a bit to go! Since being in a foster home he has learned what toys are! Though he doesn't necessarily play with any, he does love gnawing on chew toys! At first he would lay his boney self on the bare floor but has learned that dog beds and blankets provide the much needed cushion his body needs!

He is crate trained and sleeps through the night without a peep! Om knows to go potty outside and as long as he is let out regularly he will not have an accident!

He is low to medium energy. When meeting new people or dogs, he can pull on a leash and be a bit jumpy for the initial meet but settles down quickly. Om is dog friendly but isn't looking for a playmate. A low-key dog like himself would be ideal. Cats are a bit too fun to chase for Om, so he'd do best in a home without them. He enjoys taking lots of naps, but does love a nice walk around the neighborhood!

Older kids would be best for Om while he learns his manners while greeting others, along with knowing that his food and goodies will not be taken from him.

Om is an amazing companion dog! He loves to be next to his people, he likes to lean into your legs or sit by your feet! Overall, Om is a gentle and kind soul who has not had an easy past. He deserves a home and family where he can thrive and receive all the love he deserves!

**As a member of the WGR Pitty Posse, I will come with my very own Pitty Package!