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Paisley Rose

Heeler Mix

3 years
45 lbs
Adoption Fee $400

Requirements: Kids 8+

Preferred: Non-Dominant Dog(s) in Home

Paisley Rose 1.jpg
Paisley Rose 2.jpg
Paisley Rose 3.jpg

Hello! My name is Paisley Rose and I know you can already see how pretty I am, but I have a great personality too! I am so sweet to every human I meet especially if they give me belly rubs. So far, my foster mom says I seem pretty used to this house stuff, I only go potty outside and I don't mind my kennel! It seems like I know a few basic commands, but I just need a refresher, my foster mom is already working on it. I'm also pretty easy to please, you have a fluffy dog bed and some bones for me to chew on? - I'll be the happiest girl ever. But I don't want you to forget I am a heeler and we can be pretty stubborn, I don't take correction from other dogs very well, so if my forever home has another dog it is preferred that they are laid back and will let me do my own thing. I do love to play with my four-legged friends but do not enjoy others showing dominance. Please don't let that make you think differently of me I promise I'm such an amazing girl. At this time, I am unsure how I am with cats because I've never met them.

I'm so happy to be in a house again, now I just need to find my forever place. If you think that place could be with you, please apply!

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