Chihuahua Mix


7 years

 9 lbs

Adoption Fee $350

Requirements: Calm Home |

Children 10 yrs & Older

Preferred: Only Dog


Raider is a very special little guy looking for a family of his own. He can be described as a low energy dog with a playful personality. Raider prefers to spend his days snuggling on a warm bed, under a soft blanket, or in the lap of a human. He absolutely loves his people and definitely prefers to be near them. He likes to snuggle, receive belly rubs, and also "wrestle" with his people. He has a favorite toy that he drags around with him, and he does enjoy pouncing after small tennis balls. When he's not snuggling or playing, he likes to show off his climbing skills by sitting on the back of the couch and watching those around him.

Raider is crate trained and is working on potty training - he knows to go potty outside, but if he has to go he has to go. On a strict potty schedule, he does not have any accidents. He is not a fan of the chilly weather but luckily doesn't mind clothing to keep warm.

When Raider first showed up at the shelter WGR pulled him from, he was in rough shape. He had an ulcer in his eye, a heart murmur, missing fur and dermatitis due to fleas, and was underweight. Luckily his vet fell in love with him and got him back to health! His fur will continue thickening up and his heart will be something to be aware of for future veterinary needs. He is missing many teeth but eats small breed kibble just fine (Though, he'd never turn down soft food either!).

It's a big world out there for such a small pup. Raider is a sweet soul who can be easily startled, so he uses his voice and grumbles when startled. He has loved every human he's met and loves to be pet, however, he will grumble occasionally when someone walks into a room. He's all kisses and tail-wagging once he's said hi to. For this reason, I do prefer him to be in a more calm setting and peaceful home.

Raider has met dogs that he does well with, however, most dogs startle him. He prefers his space and will say so. For this reason, it is preferred Raider goes to a home as an only dog or with dogs who wouldn't be too interested in him. He loves small animals, such as guinea pigs, so I assume he would do just fine with cats. Cats are more his speed.

Raider deserves to be spoiled and comfortable! He doesn't ask for much - just peace, quiet, attention, and cozy things! Interested in finding out more? Apply today!

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