Lab Mix
2 years
50 lbs
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Requirements: Single Family Home | Fenced-In Yard OR Large Property


Preferred: Only Dog or Laid Back Dog

Redondo 1.jpg

I'm Redondo, a playful, loving pup on the search for my very own forever home. I have come such a long way since entering my foster home, and my foster family says I will blossom even more once I find a family of my own.


When I first arrived in my foster home, I was hesitant when meeting men and visitors. After a few days I settled in and have been much more comfortable around everyone - including my 14-year-old human foster brother! I love to cuddle with my foster family members. I need to continue working on my confidence when meeting new people. I would prefer a home that does not have frequent visitors and is willing to continue working with me so I can meet my full potential. My trainer says that nosework would be a great activity to help me gain some confidence around new people.


I am dog friendly and love to play with my canine foster brothers and sister. Sometimes when I’m stressed, however, I can be a grumpy man and try to take my stress out on my dog brother. My foster home believes I would do well as an only dog or with another laid back mild energy dog. I would not do well on a busy street in a multidog home, but I would succeed in a quiet home with a nice yard and another dog.


I have a lot of energy and love to play with toys too. Fetch is one of my favorite games! I absolutely love the outdoors. Even though it is becoming chillier outside, I beg my foster parents to let me hang outside longer. For this reason, I should have either a nice fenced-in yard or a large property. I’m not a big city dog at heart, even though I originally came from the city shelter!


I can be a sensitive guy at times and will need some patience to grow my confidence and sense of security. Loud noises, men entering a room, and people wearing funny clothes or carrying large objects can sometimes spook me. I have come such a long ways in the last couple months, but this is something that I can continue to improve with. My foster family thinks with the right encouragement and time, I will become the confident, easy going boy I desire to be! Again… I would be great for nosework or a shy dog class!


I have been doing very well with my house training. I am smart and have already learned “sit” and “shake”! I'm potty trained and am great on the leash. I do well in my crate if my family is sitting next to me or if no one is home, but if you stick me in the crate without a treat when you’re in another room, I may bark! Don’t worry, I’m learning lots of new things and will continue to learn with you!


Are you looking for an active best friend and new family member? If so, I’d love to join your family! Apply today!

Because Redondo has been searching for his forever family for a while now, he is considered a benchwarmer and his adoption fee is sponsored!