Rescue to Adopt

What is Rescue to Adopt?

Rescue to adopt is a program WGR has created to help YOU save that dog in the shelter that is labeled- "Rescue Only". 

With the help of willing adopters and WGR, we have the ability to save MORE lives than ever before!

What does this mean for you? You are now able to adopt those big puppy eyes that are waiting for you in the shelter! You become the dogs RTA Foster prior to adoption!

What are the requirements?

In the RTA program our goal is to help you save a shelter dog, educate yourself, and change the life of the dog forever. 

We require the following before the dog is pulled:

*Approved application

*MANDATORY behavioral training

(Paid in full prior to pull)


*Adoption fee


*Complete RTA contract signed

What does this mean for you? You are now able to foster those big puppy eyes that are waiting for you in the shelter!

What is expected of me while I am a RTA foster?

Any dog coming from a shelter that is marked as "rescue only" is labeled that for a reason. These dogs could not like kids, other dogs, or even cats. They could be terrified of certain genders or even objects.


Due to this we require mandatory behavioral training to be complete prior to adoption. We want you to be educated so you can help your dog. We want ALL dogs to be successful in their new forever homes.

Why do I have to pay the fee's prior to pull?

Here at WGR we can be limited on available fosters if you decide the dog doesn't fit in your family. We want to ensure our "rescue only" pulls get the help they need. With training paid for prior it shows us and your pup you are a dedicated family member.

How do I get my application approved?

In order to be approved, ALL information on your application must be filled out in full and correctly.

*All dogs in the home currently need to be fully vaccinated and spay/neutered.

*Landlord approval is a MUST if you rent

Pull must be in a shelter that is approved in WI or IL

**We have limited availability for dogs enrolled in our program.** 


WGR is proud to be 501c3 approved and run entirely by volunteers.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

WI Dept of Ag Number: 402490

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