American Bulldog/Pitty Mix


3 years

75 lbs

Adoption Fee $250

Experience w/ Large Breed Dogs |

Kids 8+


Rudy is a giant sweetie with a big heart. He found himself in a Chicago shelter without the words to explain the history behind the scars on his chest and tears in his ear. Rudy shows his gratitude for the home life by exchanging kisses for pets and being eager to please. He loves to play with all sorts of toys - stuffed, rope, food dispensing, or chew toys. He loves to be near his humans and is content to lay on a dog bed near you, however, he is also just fine being alone and is comfortable in his crate.

Rudy has a high energy level without much stamina. He needs mental enrichment and decent exercise if he is to lounge the rest of the day. When he's excited, he likes to sloppily spin in circles and throw play bows. It's quite entertaining, however, he could potentially knock over or step on small kids or pets. It is likely that he was not exposed to much when he was younger, so he now has many puppy tendencies to work through as he begins to learn about life in a home. He will occasionally jump up if very excited and also needs to learn to be careful with human hands when he's playing with toys. He responds immediately to any sort of vocal no marker ("eh-h" or "uh-uh") and is very sensitive. Rudy enjoys walks and does well walking in a front clip harness / martingale collar combo.

Rudy is crate trained (he even tries to squeeze into any small crate where a door is left open) and is working on potty training. He is doing very well not pottying in the house as long as he is taken outside frequently while loose in the house.

Rudy has many scars on his ears and legs from scuffles with other dogs; however, he's been happy to see every dog he's met so far in rescue. He is a big, strong boy, so he intimidates some dogs and needs to be reminded to play gently at times. He is not a dog park dog due to his size and strength and needs slow intros to dogs in order to help both be successful. He has not been introduced to cats yet, but he does ignore the small caged pets in his foster home.

He may need some confidence building and fine tuning, but Rudy is a friendly, handsome, and smart boy looking for a home of his own! If you are looking for a strong, large best friend to go on adventures with, then apply today to learn more!

**As a member of the WGR Pitty Posse, I will come with my very own Pitty Package!

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