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Ryan Fleacrest

Shiba Inu


7 yrs

32 lbs

Adoption Fee $300

Requirements:  Fenced in Yard | Martingale collar | 

Children 10 yrs & older

Hi my name is Ryan Fleacrest. I am a male Shiba Inu. The first 7 years of my life were not the best, I hold the scars on my body but I’m still the sweetest boy. I’ve been in a foster home for 3 months and I’m loving this home life! I am ready to find my own home. I have mild energy, but love to go for walks, sniff around the yard, and follow you around the house! I’m not used to having freedom and being a “normal dog” but I’m adapting very well. Sometimes I get nervous with new things, but I love to learn and am very food motivated. I am very curious about everything! Toys are a new thing for me, as of right now I prefer to just chase my tail when I’m being playful but every once in a while I’ll pick up a toy and fling it around. I can’t wait to find my own family that will walk me daily and teach me how to play with toys! I am dog friendly for the most part, but I have shown a dislike in huskies. This might be because the ones I met are hyper and in my face... I believe in some personal space. I do love to snuggle up with the dogs I live with now when it’s nap time. I also love to curl up with the cats; I’m very nice to them and love their company. Cat lady looking for a dog? Helllo!!! I’d be okay as the only dog and I also wouldn’t mind sharing my home with cats or another mild energy dog. Shiba Inus are a unique breed so my ideal family will do some research on us before deciding to adopt me. As of right now I sleep in the kennel, but I’d much rather prefer to be by my foster mom so sometimes I’m a little vocal, but I quiet down after a few minutes. I have been left out of my kennel before and did not chew up anything or get into any trouble. You know I’m handsome by my pictures, but just wait until you meet me! I’ll win you over with my sweet personality and calm demeanor.