Labrador Retriever Mix

1.5 years
64 lbs
Adoption Fee $425

Requirements: Pain Management for Life | Minimal to No Required Stairs
Preferred: Large Yard or Fenced-in-Yard

Sabian 4.jpg
Sabian 2.jpg
Sabian 3.jpg

Hello - Sabian here! Most people who meet me describe me as a silly and happy-go-lucky guy! I have loved every human I have met. When small children come over, I just want to be right next to them. I like to shake my head a lot when I am happy and during play, so I should be supervised around small children - I wouldn’t want to accidentally headbutt them! I have met various dogs and live peacefully with two female dogs at my foster home. I like to play with other dogs, but I need them to be respectful of my physical limitations. I think I could also enjoy being an only dog! I have seen cats occasionally outside and had little interest, so I think I could co-exist with cats.

Although I can pretty much live like any other dog, I have some limitations due to being diagnosed with osteochondritis dissecans and osteochondrosis in various joints. With pain medication, supplements, and by making sure I don’t overextend myself; I have had a very happy and fulfilling life. However, this is something that my forever family will need to commit to, as I would require treatment and monitoring throughout my lifetime. My foster mom can share more details if you are interested! I would need a home with minimal to no required stairs, especially for getting into the yard.

I absolutely love spending time in the yard! I love wandering around, smelling everything in sight, and sunbathing! Having my own yard would allow me the ability to move at my own pace while enjoying outdoor time, since a typical walk would be strenuous for me. I would love to be someone’s gardening companion or relaxing adventure buddy! I love car-rides and bonfires and I think I would really like lounging around a campsite or a vacation property; I’ll just stay back for a quick snooze while you hike. I love puzzles and treat toys! Anything I can use my nose for is really where I excel! These activities help me use up my young-dog energy while making sure I don’t push myself too far physically.

I am an ideal roommate as I am completely potty and house trained (except for the occasional dirty sock… but that doesn’t count right?). When I’m left alone, I comfortably stay in a bedroom with the door shut. At night I sleep peacefully on a dog bed next to my foster mom. I have occasionally spent time in crates, but I am more comfortable having a confined and safe area of the house.

Throughout my time in foster-care I have won over many hearts! I have so much love to give and a lot of people tell me I’m the perfect boy! If you are looking for a goofy, easy-going companion, please apply to meet me!