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Sand Dunes

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
3 years
30 lbs
Adoption Fee $400

Requirements: Securely Fenced-in-Yard (door to go outside within fence) | Another Dog in Home | Martingale Collar | Children 12+

Sand Dunes 1.jpg
Sand Dunes 2.jpg
Sand Dunes 3.jpg

I have been in my foster home learning what life is like as a loved member of the family. I did not have that for my first 3 years. They are always talking to me here which makes me wag my little nubber tail super-fast and they give me a ton of pets too. I will come up to them for pets outside and just started coming to my fosters for love in the house too. I’ll occasionally walk around the living room but won’t stray too far from my safe bed. My favorite place to hang if my fosters don’t realize it right away is in the bathroom. It’s quiet there. When they find me there, they ask me to go lay on my nice comfy bed in the living room where all of the other dogs hang out. I will now walk in and out of the door on my own, but it took some time for me to understand that. Doors are a little scary for me and I do best when someone walks behind me to encourage me to go out. I won’t go through the door if you’re standing right there but recently started going through if my foster mom has her back to me. House life is a bit for me to process but I’ve made huge progress. I’ll need patience from my adopters as I gain confidence and work through all of these firsts of house life.

Terriers are curious and a little spunky and the more that I understand that I’m safe and loved, the more I am letting that side show. When I’ve fully adjusted to this new life, I think you can expect a pup who will enjoy and need regular exercise. Don’t get me wrong though, I thoroughly enjoy napping after my zoomies in the yard.

I get along great with other dogs and like to play chase with my canine foster sisters here. I’d really like a canine friend who wants to play. I won’t show this side on my first impression but once I settle into my forever home, I’ll show my spunky playful side. I will be requiring another well socialized dog in my forever home as I find confidence and learn things about my new life daily through them. I get along with cats just fine. I just ignore them. I enjoy getting love from everyone that I meet but loud noises, fast movements and young kids just being kids are too much for me. I would do okay with respectful, patience kids who are 12 years and older. They need to understand that I’m a dog who will love you forever once I trust you but earning that trust takes time and patience. I would do just fine if the kids in my home understand that.

Speaking of safety, I am also requiring a fenced in yard. My yard will have the door that is used to go out to go potty within the fenced in yard. I am not leash trained, so this is a requirement to ensure that I stay safe as I learn about walking on a leash in my securely fenced yard. I will allow a leash to drag but I will pull away when I feel tension on the leash so I will again need patience from my adopter as I work through this challenge. I thoroughly enjoy my fenced in yard and my fosters say that I have the cutest romp when I’m happy and get the zoomies.

On the plus side, I have picked up quickly on potty and crate training. I would consider myself potty trained while on a schedule. I was not potty trained before rescue so this is a new concept for me and accidents should be expected as I transition into my forever home. I didn’t think that I needed to come out of my kennel when I first arrived at my foster home so I actually just hangout in an open top pen at night and when my fosters are gone during the day. I keep it clean and only make a peep when it’s morning and I need to go potty and eat some breakfast. Mealtime may be my absolute favorite here. I always get some tasty treats on top which can be eggs, pumpkin, or yogurt. I’m not afraid to let you know how excited I am for breakfast and dinner either. My foster family has a few dogs, so I just have to make sure that they don’t forget about me!

Please understand that I am a breed that needs regular grooming. I have been groomed in my foster home and although it was scary, I did just fine. Please inform my future groomer of my past so they are aware that I’ll take more patience than the average dog and keeping me safe is the most important thing!


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