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Sandy Sheets

Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier
5 years
43 lbs
Adoption Fee $400

Requirements: Martingale Collar | Fenced-in-Yard | Children 10+ | Another Dog in Home

Sandy Sheets 1.jpg
Sandy Sheets 3.jpg
Sandy Sheets 2.jpg

Hello, meet Sandy Sheets. She is a very laid-back, loving lady learning how to be a dog. She was from a breeder release and does not know what it’s like to have freedom. Sandy loves lounging and being outside as much as possible. She is still learning to trust people and is a bit jumpy at loud noises and fast movements. She does attempt to play with the other dogs in the household, but she is not sure how to play yet.

Sandy would probably do best in an environment that is quiet and with another dog as she looks to dogs for direction. She is nervous around small children but does not mind older children and teens. She has been exposed to cats and interacted fine with them.

Sandy is crate trained and potty trained. She knows to go outside but does not know how to let you know that she needs to go. So, it’s best that she goes on a scheduled potty break regularly.
Sandy will need continued training with a leash as she is not too familiar with it. Once she starts walking, she does fine and does not pull.

A fenced in yard would be best for Sandy due to the fact that she is not 100% leash trained. She does love being outside and exploring. She enjoys short bursts of “galloping” around the yard, and then she’s ready to lay down.

Sandy does enjoy sitting on the couch with family members and being close to people. Her new family will have to be patient as she is still learning to be a dog and not used to having freedoms. She is very comfortable in her kennel and likes to lay in it during the day.

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