Chihuahua Mix


10+ years

14 lbs

Adoption Fee $200


Single Level Home/Minimal Stairs| 

Children 12+ | Daily Medication

Scotch 4.jpg

Hey guys, I’m Scotch! I’m looking for none other than a saint to look past my age and medical and give me a warm, comfy, spot to live out the rest of my life! I’m no spring chicken but I do have a ton of love to give and kisses to thank you with. I’m a pretty laid back guy as you’d guess from my age but I do have a spunky side as well. I’m always ready to go outside and check out my fenced in back yard but my favorite outside activity is being able to relax and sunbathe. My favorite time of the day is anytime food is involved. I’m a pro at cleaning up any mishaps in the kitchen. For meal times, I eat out of a puzzle feeder so it slows me down a bit. It was rather frustrating at first but now I have the hang of it.

Here’s an update on my hearing.... Jokes on my foster mom, I made her think that I couldn’t hear much. She believed it for awhile but once I found out that the pantry door squeaks (that’s where my food/treats are) I come running anytime I hear it open. That’s when she found out. Now I have to come when called instead of just ignoring her. Shucks! My foster mom guesses that I was loved but handled roughly in my past home. I have learned to trust my people and know that they won’t try any funny business with me but at first I was a little leery that they would. I will probably have to work through this with my forever people too. Don’t get me wrong, I do love snuggles, they just have to be on my terms.

As far as living with other dogs goes, I really don’t interact with any of my foster siblings. I’m a rather independent guy. If I’m going to have canine buddies they need to be mellow, not in your face friends who won’t react to me requesting my space sometimes (warning growl-nothing more). I live with a cat who minds her own business and I totally ignore her.

Now for the not so good stuff. I have a neurological condition that makes me a little wobbly at times. Sometimes this looks like just my legs shaking and others I lose my balance. I do catch myself most of the time but I will fall completely over occasionally. I have plenty of control to walk and trot through my house and yard but I’m not the guy who will be going on long walks with you. Short adventures I look forward to though! This won’t get better with age. I am not a fan of being picked up, It’s just not comfy for me. I’m looking for a one level house with minimal stairs going out to my yard for pottying so that even if my condition worsens I can still get out to my potty area on my own. I also have a persistent cough which is caused by tracheal collapse. I’m on a medication that keeps me more comfortable but it won’t get rid of the condition. Now that I spilled the beans... are you still interested in giving an old man like me a shot at forever? If so, fill out an application and meet me today!

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