Lab/Great Dane Mix


1 year

80 lbs

Adoption Fee $400


Previous Experience w/ Large Dogs


Forget that Scott is a Lab/Great Dane mix. His personality is all Lab in a Dane sized body. He is currently 80 lbs but he is not done growing. He loves to play, listens well, is trainable, absolutely loves water, has a soft mouth, and is in tune with nature. Scott recently spend the weekend two small children. The first night he was a little unsure of the kids, but by the next day he just wanted to be near them. However, if you throw in a ball or the kids get the excitement going, Scott can lose track of the little ones and accidently knock them over due to his excitement. I won’t restrict his placement around small children, but potential adopters must be aware of this risk. Scott still has a puppy side to him. He wants to play and needs to get daily exercise. If he does not get to burn off his energy outside, he will burn it off indoors. He is learning to play fetch to help with excess energy. Scott loves other dogs, however his introductions to other dogs should be taken slowly. He isn’t the best at reading body language from other dogs. When allowed to slowly acclimate, his excitement declines and he is wonderful. Scott is still young and trainable. He wants to be the dominate male and needs a firm handler. He will accept the submissive role, but if not trained properly, as he matures, he could become difficult to handle.

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