Sophia Sue

Pitty Mix


1 year

46 lbs

Adoption Fee $250

Requirements: None

*special needs*

Preferred: Only Pet in Home |

Fenced in Yard

Sophia Sue1.jpg

Hi! I am Sophia Sue, and I'm just about the most cuddly girl you could ever imagine! I'm considered special needs because I am deaf, but don't let that scare you. I am working really hard on learning hand signals for my commands. Right now we are working on sit and come. I'm also learning how to use a light marker to indicate when I'm doing things right! Good thing I like treats because they really help with my training. I will need a patient, loving family to help me until I get all this training stuff down. I'll return your love with lots of love of my own, snuggles, and kisses!

I am potty trained and walk pretty nicely on a leash. I am working on crate training and learning to relax when I'm not in your sight. I promise I'm working hard at this, and giving me stuffed kongs really helps!

I love to play (when I'm not sleeping) so I will definitely need exercise and mental enrichment. I love the kids I have met so far, though I haven't met any little little ones yet. At the moment, I can play a little roughly with the cats. Training may help, but for now I prefer a home without any feline siblings! I have made some dog friends but would also prefer to be the only dog in the home for now. I also think a fenced in yard would be helpful for my safety, but it’s not required.


Please remember us deaf girls may take a bit to train but remember this. The ONLY THING a deaf dog CAN NOT DO is hear.

Do you think I might be the cuddle buddy that you need? Apply today!

**As a member of the WGR Pitty Posse, I will come with my very own Pitty Package!

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