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Shepherd/Doberman Mix
5 years
70 lbs
Adoption Fee $400

Requirements: Fully Secured Fenced-in-Yard | Only Pet in Home

Soy-Soy 1.jpg
Soy-Soy 2.jpg
Soy-Soy 3.jpg

Hi everyone! My name is Soy-Soy. I am a five-year-old Shepherd/Doberman mix in search of my forever home. I am very smart, laid-back, loyal, independent, loving, friendly with people, and really love to go on walks.

I do need to be the only pet in the home, and my strong prey drive is the reason my new family should have a secured fenced area. My foster dad has eventually allowed me to be home by myself for several hours not in my kennel, and I have been a super boy!

He and I have a special bedtime routine: I'll settle in on his big comfy chair and before he goes upstairs to bed, he gives me lots of hugs and kisses. In the morning, I quietly come up and hop on his bed for some snuggle time before we get up. We both love it!

I can hardly wait to meet my forever family.

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