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Shepherd/Doberman Mix
5 years
70 lbs
Adoption Fee $200

Requirements: Only Pet in the Home | 6 foot or taller secure Fenced-in-Yard | Martingale Collar

SoySoy 1.jpg
SoySoy 2.jpg
Soy-Soy 3.jpg

Hi everyone! My name is Soy-Soy and am ready to bring tons of love and fun to your family. I am very smart, loving, super quiet, laid-back, loyal, playful, independent, obedient, and sometimes goofy. I love going on walks (I do great on leash) and am very friendly with people I meet along the way and anyone who comes to the house.

Very early on I proved to my foster dad that he could give me total freedom anywhere in his house - I never get into trouble. At bedtime, I curl up on my most favorite chair on the first floor and my foster sleeps upstairs. In the morning  I quietly come upstairs to let him know it's time for my breakfast.

No matter how many hours my foster has been out of the house, when he returns I dash off to grab one of my toys to play tug-of-war.

My foster dad thinks it's funny how I try to catch flies and mosquitoes - they're annoying! I'm not at all bothered when my foster runs the vacuum and am okay with him trimming my nails. But I'm a real baby and refuse to even let him put my paws in the bathtub.

I know there's loving family out there and I can't wait to meet you!

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