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State Tax

Mini Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

9 weeks
Adoption Fee $450

Requirements: None

State Tax 1.jpg
State Tax 2.jpg
State Tax 3.jpg

Hi everyone! I'm State Tax, one of the Tax puppies. I am very confident, handsome, lovable, am not at all a barker and quickly made myself at home in my foster's house. I'm also lucky to have my sister with me in foster - she makes a really good pillow!

I wasn't too thrilled over wearing a collar and leash walking, but I am getting more used to both. I am quite curious about everything, so my foster keeps a close eye on me. I am still working on trying to do all my business outside, and often once I am finished, I dash toward the front door.

I'm ready to explore the big world....can you be my guide?

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