Blue Heeler
4 years
45 lbs
Adoption Fee $375

Requirements: None
Preferred: Calm Household

Suki-Sue 2.jpg
Suki-Sue 1.jpg
Suki-Sue 3.jpg

Hello, my name is Suki-Sue, but my foster family calls me Suki for short. I was a mama dog and haven’t had much chance to experience life other than that. It didn’t take me long to get used to the comforts of a house or exploring around here. I haven’t started playing with any toys yet; however, I would love to chase the rabbits and squirrels that live in the yard here if I could! Oh, and all the smells in the morning are sooo much fun to explore!

I am TOTALLY food motivated, and love praise and scratches. A simple “Good Girl” is usually all it takes to get my tail wagging. My favorite spot in the house is under the kitchen table which is up against a wall. I can lay there and see everything that is going on without being in the way. Sometimes they even feed me under here, but I always come out when anyone calls my name. There is always something good for me to eat or do when they talk to me.

There is a really BIG house cat here who is a bit jealous about my presence but still tolerates me and likes food even more than I do. I just had to learn to walk around him when he gives me the stink eye. The other two cats grumped at me at first but now we just ignore each other.

There is really only one more thing you need to know about me and that is I tested positive for Lyme’s disease and am currently being treated for that.

If you are looking for a low-key companion animal that is loyal and will stick by your side, I’m your gal. I can’t wait to find my forever home and people that I can make my very own as soon as possible. Please apply today so we can meet.