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Golden Retriever
3 years
58 lbs
Adoption Fee $400

Required:  Fenced-in-Yard | Martingale Collar | Kids 8+

Preferred: Another Dog in Home


Hello everyone! I’m Sunglow! I am a golden ball of joy who can be a bit shy, so I am looking for a patient family to teach me how to trust again. I’m a breeder release rescue who is still learning how to be a dog. Loud noises startle me so young children will stress me out, and a fenced in yard will keep me safe from scurrying off due to a loud noise outside. I may be 3, but I still love to act like a puppy and will try to steal your socks!

Inside, I prefer to have a safe spot and enjoy watching you from a distance. It will take me time to approach you, unless you have soft treats or liver sausage then I’ll let you approach me slowly, but please don’t rush as I get nervous. I’d benefit from another mellow dog in the house to teach me dog things, but it’s not required. I enjoy my foster dog sibling although we aren’t best friends, and I do get along with the cat.

I’m still not fully leash trained as I don’t quite understand what it means when you pull the other end, but if I get to lead everything is perfect. I am crate trained, and I really enjoy being there. My foster mom leaves the door open if she's home so it is my choice to stay or not. I’m about 80% house trained, I still have a few accidents if I get scared. Every day I am coming more and more out of my shell, I am a very sweet girl and have so much love to give, I just need to find the right people to give it too! Apply to meet me today!

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