German Shepherd
4 years
70 lbs
Adoption Fee $375

Requirements: None

Preferred: German Shepherd Experience

Swan 3_edited.jpg
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Swan 5.jpg

Swan is a sweet girl who came to her foster home from a background lacking in affection and contact with normal, everyday living. Consequently, she is affectionate but extremely cautious at this point in her life and easily spooked by loud noises or sudden movements.

Swan shows strong indications that she wants to be in a happy, loving family as she slowly emerges from her shell of uncertainty. In just her first few days in her foster home, Swan has been approaching her foster dad for affection both when called and on her own, and she is responding gratefully to lots of rubs on the head. She does lots of tail wagging, such as to go outside and to come back into the house, and always happily stands still for petting.

Swan likes her blanket-covered crate where she can feel secure. She is a smart girl who arrived in foster not house trained — but within less than 48 hours was perfectly house trained and has remained that way. She has also learned to come and sit when called and to sit in her feeding spot before her bowl of food is put on the floor. She is a polite girl who does not jump on people or countertops.

Swan now lives with a confident dog and seems to benefit from that. Because of her current timid nature, she would likely do well living with another confident dog in the future — or at least one that knows the household routine — so Swan could follow the other dog’s example. That would likely help her integration with her future family.

In casual encounters with other dogs, Swan has reacted only with curiously sniffing, so she should be perfectly safe to take into public places.

Swan’s future adopters should be prepared to patiently help her, with love and guidance, to become the great family dog she was never allowed to become in the past. The rewards she has the potential to give back will be great.