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1 year
41 lbs
Adoption Fee $425

Requirements:  Fenced-in-Yard | No Cats | Husky Experience

Thiago 1.jpg
Thiago 1.jpg
Thiago 4.jpg

Hello! I am Thiago and I have been making great use of my time learning how to be a dog and wanted to share my progress with you. While I have all the typical husky traits and behaviors, I have been working really hard on my manners. I am proud to say that I can now do some basic commands like sit and lay down. While I am always curious about what things are, we have also been working on redirecting my attention from things I shouldn’t have and am doing well with “leave it”. I am rocking on potty training, kenneling up, leash manners (I REALLY love to go for walks), and learning how to be self-sufficient with toys/mental stimulation and getting baths. I am friendly with kids of all ages, I love people and I love getting attention from them, and I am dog friendly. I of course still like to chase things, so that still means no cats for me and the martingale collar is still recommended.

Are you the family I have been looking for? I look forward to meeting you!

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