5 years
70 lbs
Adoption Fee $375

Requirements: None

Zia 1.jpg
Zia 3.jpg
Zia 2.jpg

I would like to introduce Zia, a beautiful, friendly, retired momma. Zia gets along with dogs, cats, and kids. She is learning what it means to be a dog and will need some guidance with rules and personal space. She is extremely affectionate – making up for those years when no one loved her. Her personality and energy level are coming out every day. She would be great with a family who wants to teach her how to play with toys. She has moderate energy, but when it gets a bit much, Zia loves to spend time in her crate. She is potty trained and sleeps well in her crate. We are working on basic commands. Zia is definitely a people-pleaser and seems to be a quick learner.

If Zia sounds like a good fit for your family, apply to meet her today!