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French Bulldog

4 years
24 lbs
Adoption Fee $400

Required: Fenced-in-Yard

Preferred: Another Dog in Home

Zuny 1.jpg
Zuny 2.jpg
Zuny 3.jpg

My name is Zuny and I can’t wait to find my forever family! I was really scared and nervous when I first arrived in my foster home, but I’ve learned that living in a house is pretty darn great!

I get along great with the big and small dog I’m living with. They really helped me feel more comfortable and I learned a great deal of how to “dog” from them. Now I’m so comfy I’ll come up to all humans after a bit for pets and cuddles!

I do well in my crate but need a little help getting in. I’d much prefer to not be kenneled but I’m too curious to be left out when I’m not supervised. I’m doing good with potty training but I’m still having a few potty accidents but never in my kennel.

My spunky side comes out all the time and I LOVE playing. I like to entertain myself with pulling every toy out of the box and bringing them back to my mat. Or I’ll find something to chew! I love chewing on toys and anything else my little legs can get me too. Everything is just so new and interesting!

While I’m no couch potato I am over all a medium energy pup that settles down nicely when it’s time to relax! I know my perfect family is out there and I can’t wait to meet you!

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