2 years
7 lbs
Adoption Fee $425

Requirements: Martingale Collar | Kids 12+ | Single Family Home with Securely Fenced-In Yard (wood or chain link - no big squares or slots) | Another Social Dog in Home

Zya 1.jpg
Zya 2.jpg

Please read my entire bio before applying!


Hey there, my name is Zya and I’m looking for a very special forever home. This whole house life and being a loved member of the family is new and very strange to me. I’ve never had a human that cared or showed affection towards me, so it’s taking me some time to get used to that. I will allow some scratching under the chin but I have to initiate that. I’m showing more and more interest in what my humans are doing and find comfort in following a social dog around the house to explore. As I gain more confidence, I will venture out on my own now too. When another dog approaches humans, I will too. I even occasionally approach them on my own. I will require my forever home to have another social dog(s) so that I can gain confidence and comfort from them. I have never been handled in a loving way, so I am very leary of being picked up. I will allow my fosters to pick me up occasionally as long as it’s slow and treats are involved. Once I am in their arms, I calm down and even feel comfortable enough to take a nap.


I am okay with cats but I will bark and want to play with them occasionally, so a dog savy cat would be best. As far as kids go, I am not a fan of little ones but I think I would be okay with kids 12 years and older. I am only 2, so I have some energy to burn and would love it if the other dog(s) in the home liked to play. One of my favorite activities is running laps around the yard while trying to get the other dogs to play chase with me. I’m quite animated and vocal while doing my laps, so I’m sure it will bring a smile to your face. I absolutely love my time outside. Another thing that I like to do is play with the many toys here and gather them in my bed for easy access for my after nap playtime.


With my lack of positive interactions with humans, my forever people will need to be very patient as I learn to love and trust them. I hope that one day I can be the cuddly lap dog that my size and fluff is known for but I am no where near that right now. I am comfortable being near people and can sleep comfortably in my bed in the living room with them in the room. As far as accepting affection, chin scratches on my terms is what I’ll accept right now but I am interested in what’s going on when the other dogs are getting attention. I am food motivated so encouraging me with some tasty treats like liverwurst or hotdog bits has been successful in my foster home. This encouragement has helped me learn to “kennel up” when it’s mealtime or my people are ready to leave or go to bed. I am quiet in my kennel all night as long as I’m by another dog or near my humans. I have done a great job keeping my crate clean and going potty outside as well.


Basic commands are at the bottom of the list of things that I’m working on accomplishing but once I learn to trust my people, those will come easy because I am a very smart pup. I will allow a leash to be attached and drag it around. I have become more comfortable with the tension on the leash once the human picks it up. I have been working on walking with the tension present and will walk as long as another dog is around to show me how it’s done. I will however need continued practice in my forever home. Being as I am not totally leash trained, I am requiring a securely fenced in yard to make sure that I remain safe as I work through this. Another fun fact about me is that I am small enough to slip through a dog gate. So the fence in my forever home needs to be chain link or wood. It can’t be the vertical bars or big squares, as I will find a way through that.


Now that you’ve made it to the end you’re probably thinking “Oh boy, this dog has a lot to work on”. You are right, I do. But my foster mom told me all about these other dogs who were very similar to me and guess what, they all found exactly where they were supposed to be - in loving, forever homes. I’m optimistic about it and know that will happen for me one day too. Until then, I’ll continue working on learning how to love and trust humans and enjoy the life that I’m living right now!