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Woof Gang Rescue

Re-home Help & Courtesy Posts

Need to find a new home for your dog? We may be able to help. Please complete the following Form and a member of our team will get back to you.
Please note: we CANNOT take all owner surrenders. We are located in Racine, WI and dogs need
to be close enough to transport to us for an evaluation.

Courtesy Post Information

Woof Gang Rescue is now offering assistance to individuals needing to re-home a dog due to unforeseen circumstances. Woof Gang Rescue will courtesy post the dogs on this website in hopes of finding a good fit for the dog. Woof Gang Rescue is not liable for any of the dogs listed here in ANY way.  These dogs will remain in the owner's home until a match is found. These dogs are NOT associated with Woof Gang Rescue in any way.

Woof Gang Rescue will do courtesy posts for residents of Kenosha/Racine/Milwaukee Counties only

If you are looking for animal friendly apartments,

Out of time for re-homing? For a list of places to contact, click here

Requirements to Courtesy Post

  • Dog must be spayed or neutered (must provide proof)

  • Dog must be up to date on Rabies Vaccine (must provide proof)

  • Owner must write up a bio and provide 3 clear pictures

  • Maximum Re-Home Adoption Fee is $100

  • Owners are responsible for contacting interested parties & arranging a meet

  • WGR will post for 2 weeks : owner must let WGR know if post needs to remain active longer; will tell WGR if dog found a home

~ Current Listings ~

image_6483441 (1).JPG

Ben | lab/pitty mix | MALE | 9.5 YEARS |65 LBS

Requirements : Only Pet | No Children

My name is Ben! I am estimated to be a 9-year-old Pit lab mix that once in a comfortable space, am the biggest goofball. I am a loving and loyal friend to those I am familiar with and care about. My home and space are very important to me so I have some protective tendencies surrounding them. I am uncertain and hesitant towards strangers, but once I get to know someone, I am their very best friend. I spent the first part of my life with one owner who was a homebody so I didn't get many opportunities to socialize and have exposure to new experiences, letting new people into my space can be challenging. I would thrive as the only animal in the home as I was never exposed to other animals or small children and currently am reactive when put in these situations. I need someone who is confident in their abilities to help this older pup learn some new tricks, I've started positive behavior training and would love to continue learning how to be the best I can be.

I am kennel trained, house trained, and am knowledgeable in my commands. I have manners and just need someone who can stay consistent and present with me. I'm very comfortable with time spent in my kennel, and just as comfortable on the couch. I don't have any destructive tendencies and am very well-behaved when on my own. My favorite activities include cuddling, snoozing, and chewing on my most-loved toys. As a little bit of an older gentleman, my energy comes in spurts and I love to expel that by playing fetch, running outside, and going on walks.

Outside of my home, my protective energies lower and I tend to be much more easy-going. I enjoy going to the vet, and they've never had any trouble cutting my nails or administering my vaccinations. I haven't been dealt the best deck in my years but my potential is limitless. I'm the sweetest, silliest boy once I learn to trust, and need someone to take that opportunity and trust me too. 


image_6487327 (1).JPG
Bella 2.jpeg


Requirements : Only Pet | Fenced Yard

Woof Woof! My name is Bella. I am about 1 1/2 years old. I am 40% Rottweiler, 39% Pit Bull, 12.3% Husky and 8.7% American Staffordshire Terrier. I was found up north on the side of the road as a pup when I was about 4 months old. If you see me chasing and eating bugs, that would be why. I love people so much that I just can't stay down. I'm just trying to lick your face! I love to cuddle up with my human parents and my 8-year-old human brother. I'm a pretty chill dog (unless you just got home, I get too excited.) I love to go for walks, but I have a hard time controlling myself, there's just too many smells! I do not like other dogs or animals. I need to be the only pet in the home with a fenced in yard. I am potty trained, spayed, up to date on all shots and like my kennel. I am house trained for the most part, my only downfall is if I am left alone, I get bored and sometimes will chew on an area rug or a blanket. As I am getting older, I'm slowly getting out of those habits. All of my downfalls can be corrected proper training, love and patience. With that, I know I can be a great family dog.

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