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Re-home Help & Courtesy Posts

Need to find a new home for your dog? We may be able to help. Please complete the following Form and a member of our team will get back to you.

Please note: we CANNOT take all owner surrenders. We are located in Racine, WI and dogs need

to be close enough to transport to us for an evaluation.

Courtesy Post Information

Woof Gang Rescue is now offering assistance to individuals needing to re-home a dog due to unforeseen circumstances. Woof Gang Rescue will courtesy post the dogs on this website in hopes of finding a good fit for the dog. Woof Gang Rescue is not liable for any of the dogs listed here in ANY way.  These dogs will remain in the owner's home until a match is found. These dogs are NOT associated with Woof Gang Rescue in any way.

Woof Gang Rescue will do courtesy posts for residents of Kenosha/Racine/Milwaukee Counties only

If you are looking for animal friendly apartments,

Out of time for re-homing? For a list of places to contact, click here

Requirements to Courtesy Post

  • Dog must be spayed or neutered (must provide proof)

  • Dog must be up to date on Rabies Vaccine (must provide proof)

  • Owner must write up a bio and provide 3 clear pictures

  • Maximum Re-Home Adoption Fee is $100

  • Owners are responsible for contacting interested parties & arranging a meet

  • WGR will post for 2 weeks : owner must let WGR know if post needs to remain active longer; will tell WGR if dog found a home

~ Current Listings ~


Pomeranian / Corgi Mix | Male | 2.5 years | 12 lbs          


This is Bixbee…he is a good little boy full of energy. He is house trained. He is good with cats, but does like to try to play and tease them a bit. He likes other dogs. He is good with all people excepting babies and young children. They get him very nervous and he get doesn’t care for their crying, flailing arms or running around. He also gets rather jealous of them when you hold them. He would be well suited to a family with older children 10+ years or so. He loves to go on long walks in all kinds of weather and really loves the snow. He also like to play with his various toys in the house and enjoys to sit by your side when it’s time to relax after a long day. He is very smart and can sit, shake and stand on his back legs for a yummy treat. Also he is very agile, if someone was into bringing him into a doggie obstacle course I think he would really like it.


Beagle / Jack Russell Terrier Mix | Male | 1 year | 22 lbs           *Special Needs*


We adopted our dog Charley at 8 weeks old from another shelter.  We found out he was deaf 6 weeks after we got him. He gets startled since he can’t hear so he runs after cars and startle bites when snuck up on. He is sweet and loving and loyal but needs training beyond what our busy family can give. We have 4 kids and I believe he is not good being deaf with an atmosphere with kids and a family dog. He has bitten my kids ( nothing too serious but enough to have us realize he is not suited for us ). He needs deaf dog training or experienced dog owner. He is wonderful and sweet but needs time, training and attention

Charley is house and crate trained. He just needs the right environment for his special needs. 


Pit Bull Mixes | Female | 11 months | 35 lbs each | Bonded Pair


They are just under a year, per Madacc, though my vet thought they were around 8 months. Around 35#, they're smart girls who are learning things at a fast pace. I named them Millie and Lila and they know their names very well. Lila's foot was broken when I got her, and my vet said last week the injury is about 3-4 weeks old, and healing, though incorrectly. I do have an appt at WRVC next week to get an estimate on what's going on. I foster kittens through Urban Cat Coalition and have 14 kittens in my home currently, and these girls don't allow me to spend time trying to socialize the kittens, which are my priority.

Millie is a spunky red and white girl who LOVES kisses. She knows how to fetch, loves chewing on a stick or other toys and loves her sister Lila. She is a cuddle-queen, still smells like a puppy and is very smart. She takes treats gently, loves playing in water, and is trying her best to not chase the cats, but would do best in a home with no feline friends. She likes children of all sizes, and likes men as well as women. Millie protects/guards Lila, me, her water, etc from other dogs.

Lila is a pretty tan and white girl who is very affectionate. She is smart, and quick to learn things, and loves playing with toys. She takes treats gently, is very curious about new things and loves water so much she often hangs over the side of the shower while I'm in there, in hopes she can lap up some H2O. She is unphased by cats, loves kids and men and women equally. She has a broken foot, as I mentioned, but I've got pain meds for her and she honestly gets along quite well.

Both girls have been working VERY hard on potty-training and have only had 2 accidents in the last 3 days, which is an improvement. I'm guessing they lived outside previously. We've been taking daily walks of .5 -1.5 miles and they're getting better on leashes, but do not pull or rush, which is great.

I want them to find a loving home with no cats, and no dogs - they're great together!


Pit Bull Mix | Female | 2.5 years | 62 lbs


Stella is the sweetest girl! She loves to snuggle and play. She is such a lover and enjoys meeting new human friends. She is very energetic and needs a family that can give her lots of play time! She loves playing tug of war, and chewing on her bones. Stella is crate trained and house trained. Stella is great with kids and adults. Although we have experienced Stella reacting negatively to other animals, she has not been slowly introduced to other animals so we are not sure if she will calm down after being introduced. We have seen her with one dog that she was comfortable with and had no problem with the other dog. We think that if she was introduced slowly and appropriately she would be able to be around other animals. At the end of the day, she is snuggling in bed ready to snooze the night away! We want to see her go to a home that can love her just as much as we do!


Lab/Beagle Mix | Female | 1.5 years | 40 lbs


Della is an extremely affectionate, loving dog. She is house trained, crate trained, and knows basic commands. She loves to play with her favorite toy (a squeaky hotdog), and loves to show off her athleticism off leash. She is good with our four young kids and a few other dogs that she has come to know, but strangers (in dog or man form) make her very nervous.

If interested in learning more about her, please apply!