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Woof Gang Rescue

Re-home Help & Courtesy Posts

Courtesy Post Information

Woof Gang Rescue is now offering assistance to individuals needing to re-home a dog due to unforeseen circumstances. Woof Gang Rescue will courtesy post the dogs on this website in hopes of finding a good fit for the dog. Woof Gang Rescue is not liable for any of the dogs listed here in ANY way.  These dogs will remain in the owner's home until a match is found. These dogs are NOT associated with Woof Gang Rescue in any way.

Woof Gang Rescue will do courtesy posts for residents of Kenosha/Racine/Milwaukee Counties only

If you are looking for animal friendly apartments,

Out of time for re-homing? For a list of places to contact, click here

Requirements to Courtesy Post

  • Dog must be spayed or neutered (must provide proof)

  • Dog must be up to date on Rabies Vaccine (must provide proof)

  • Owner must write up a bio and provide 3 clear pictures

  • Maximum Re-Home Adoption Fee is $100

  • Owners are responsible for contacting interested parties & arranging a meet

  • WGR will post for 2 weeks : owner must let WGR know if post needs to remain active longer; will tell WGR if dog found a home

~ Current Listings ~


piper | lab mix | feMALE | 4 yeaRS | 50 LBS

Requirements : Only Pet

Piper is a very sweet dog with her humans. She is 4 years old and will be 5 on September 18th. She is house trained. She is not a cuddler but loves to be close to her humans. She would need to be the only pet in the home as she does not do well with any other animals. She has anxiety and basically anything outside the home scares her, including car rides and going for walks outside of the yard. She is fearful of men and strangers but warms up in time and she is not aggressive towards any people. She has not been around small children, only teenagers (who are now young adults) and was fine with them. Piper is such a sweet pup and it breaks my heart to have to rehome her. She does not like my other dog and has recently been going after him on a daily basis (they're now separated). Based on trainer and behaviorist recommendations, I have had to make this really hard decision. I think she'd do best in a home that is relatively quiet and calm and with someone who can be with her most of the time as she also has separation anxiety. She'll lay with you while you sit on the couch and sleep with you at night. She loves being underneath the covers and laying her head on her own pillow. I am going to miss her so much but I know I cannot provide the environment that she would strive in. Please apply below if you have a place in your heart for me!


lilly bean | pit bull mix | feMALE | 3 yeaRS | 33 LBS

Best Fit : Only Dog

Lilly Bean is a small Pit Bull mix. She came from a kill shelter in Georgia. She is around 3 years old and definitely has a lot of energy. She loves attention and just wants to cuddle and be loved. She is great with kids of all ages and is crate and house trained. She does have bowed legs but she gets around just fine and loves to run around and go for walks. She does ok around other dogs but I would recommend she be an only dog unless you have the time to train/work with her around other dogs. She is honestly the sweetest dog and would be great for a family looking to get a dog. Please consider giving this adorable little lady another chance!


Addie | shepherd mix | feMALE | 2 yeaRS | 45 LBS

Requirements: Older Kids 

Our family got Addie in October 2022. She came from a rescue that had saved her from Texas with other German Shepherds. She had been with the foster for about 5 months, she was just over a year old. Addie did well with the 2 other dogs there. She does beautifully and has learned to "be a dog" so well from our older German Shepherd. We think that Addie is part German Shepherd/part Grey Hound. Addie LOVEs and needs to run! She jumps and leaps easily! We have a very long leash that she goes out on (30 feet) in the backyard for her to explore and yell at the rabbits, squirrels, deer etc. She tends to bark at people walking by with and without their dogs. She is a good guard dog but she is also impulsive at times. She has been through basic obedience classes and has grown and matured so much, particularly over the last year. She now comes when she is called- even when off leash at the big park/woods when monitored. She can sit, is crate trained (she loves her crate- her protected and individual space) and is potty trained. However, she has nipped others- particularly younger children. She does so well with adults and our teenage kids. Addie is on medication from the vet 2x a day (Trazadone and Gabapentin) to take the edge off, particularly for resting at nighttime so she doesn't respond and bark at noises. She loves to be put in blankets and squeezed too. We love Addie but cannot keep her because of her response to younger kids- ones she has been around several times. Addie needs a home where she has consistent older kids, adults, and does well with other dogs too. She shares food and loves to play and wrestle. She needs to run and have adventures but down time too. Although she is so loved and valued by us, we cannot have her potentially hurting a younger child out of impulse. Please fill out the form below to talk to the owners.


erebus | Pitty mix | MALE | 2 yeaRS | 63 LBS

Requirements: Only Pet | Older Kids 

Erebus is a loving dog. He loves snuggles and playing with his favorite toys. He is low energy and enjoys short walks to check all the local sewers. He wears his work jacket and enjoys inspecting all the nearby sewers to ensure they are clear and draining. He knows basic commands and is very food motivated. He is house trained and stays in a crate with no issues. He would do best with older kids due to his size and his habit of greeting people with hugs. He does not get along with other dogs and needs to be an only pet. He does have a strong prey drive, but does walk well on a leash. If you are looking for a new best friend, please meet me today!



Lyla is a 4.5 year old beautiful German shepherd dog with a lot of puppy energy left in her. Our family has recently expanded as we had a daughter and with that, Lyla has had a hard time adjusting to this. She has become very anxious and is no longer allowed at doggy daycare. She recently had to have a tail amputation due to her chewing on her tail from anxiety. She is now on prescription anxiety meds and seemingly doing a lot better, but we have decided that it would be best for her to be in a home that can give her more time and attention as we have two older dogs and our daughter now. Lyla is very sweet and loves being around her people. She is loyal to a fault and bonds very quickly with humans. She would be best in a home without cats and with older children.


Requirements: Only Dog | Older Kids | No Cats

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