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Woof Gang Rescue

Re-home Help & Courtesy Posts

Courtesy Post Information

Woof Gang Rescue is now offering assistance to individuals needing to re-home a dog due to unforeseen circumstances. Woof Gang Rescue will courtesy post the dogs on this website in hopes of finding a good fit for the dog. Woof Gang Rescue is not liable for any of the dogs listed here in ANY way.  These dogs will remain in the owner's home until a match is found. These dogs are NOT associated with Woof Gang Rescue in any way.

Woof Gang Rescue will do courtesy posts for residents of Kenosha/Racine/Milwaukee Counties only

If you are looking for animal friendly apartments,

Out of time for re-homing? For a list of places to contact, click here

Requirements to Courtesy Post

  • Dog must be spayed or neutered (must provide proof)

  • Dog must be up to date on Rabies Vaccine (must provide proof)

  • Owner must write up a bio and provide 3 clear pictures

  • Maximum Re-Home Adoption Fee is $100

  • Owners are responsible for contacting interested parties & arranging a meet

  • WGR will post for 2 weeks : owner must let WGR know if post needs to remain active longer; will tell WGR if dog found a home

~ Current Listings ~


brandy | mixed breed | feMALE | 5 yeaRS | 68 LBS

Meet Brandy! She is a super sweet 5 year old hound mix looking for a place to call home. She is good with kids, other dogs and is trustworthy in the house. She hasn't met a cat, but would most likely do fine with one after correct introductions. She enjoys being close and getting scratches. She does well at the dog park and does good being off leash when allowed. It was recently discovered that Brandy has some issues with her kidneys. She is on a special diet which is helpful. She is good now, but there could be more issues in the future. She is crate trained, up to date on shots and spayed. If she is alone for more than 4 hours, the owner uses cloth diapers which work really well. Unfortunately Brandy's owner got divorced and is gone for long periods of time. Brandy would love a family that has a yard to romp around in and another dog, but she would also be fine as an only dog.

Archie 8.jpg

archie | great pyrenees/lab mix | MALE | 7 yeaRS | 120 LBS

Requirements : Will need training

I know Archie means well! He has a big heart, and is incredibly loyal to his family! However, he is also very protective to a fault -- and very anxious/cautious/fearful around new people and new dogs. BUT -- with the right kind of slow introduction -- Archie can show his super friendly self! Archie is reactive, not aggressive -- and may require further professional training to help manage his reactivity. We have consulted Dog Training Elite in the past (I can refer you to his trainer) Around my husband and I, and around my other dog, and around my two young children (2 years old and a newborn), I have NEVER had any problems with Archie! He is incredibly sweet around us! He is so loving! We love him very much! And to our cat too, who passed away about 2 years ago (she was 19 years of age at the time!) His major reactivity around meeting new people, or around people who come to our door or pass near our yard, as been a challenge for us -- I know full well that this behavior is aimed to protect us, but it is difficult to de-escalate at the time, and poses a threat to people. We believe our kind of home may accidentally lead Archie to hurting someone. He would thrive in a home with a fenced in yard! Or in a home where he can have a job -- I believe he would be an excellent livestock guardian! We adopted Archie 3 years ago. He was initially found as a stray -- and may have been a stray for awhile (this may explain his protective and nervous/fearful/cautious nature). He does seem especially fearful around adult men (there may be some past trauma related to this). Archie needs a new family with understanding and patience of his protective/anxious/yet deeply loving personality!

Archie 7.jpg
Archie 10.jpg

THUNDER | gsd | MALE | 4.5 yeaRS | 120 LBS

Requirements : Only Pet

Thunder will be 5 on New Years Eve. He is very sweet but really should be the only pet. He chases cats and has a high prey drive. He is very lovable and wants to be a lap dog constantly. He hasn't been around kids, so we aren't sure how he would do with them. He is currently on apoquel for allergies once a day and eats Fromm pork and applesauce without chicken to help control allergy issues as well. He did a puppy class as well as some individual training sessions. He is used to a fenced in yard to run and loves to play ball. Daily walks would be a great thing for him as well. He does bark at other people and other dogs on walks but we don't know if this is related to being on a leash or just him being vocal [at least to people]. He really needs a home that has time to train and work with him to become the best dog he can be!

image2 (1).jpeg


Requirements : No kids | No Cats | No Dogs 

Meet Ziva! She is a 3.5 year old rottweiler. She is a big cuddle bug, and will climb in your lap if you let her. She will sit on the couch or lay on the floor next to you. She is potty-trained/house-trained but doesn’t like crates. She also likes sitting on the porch or in the yard checking out her neighborhood (as long as she is leashed, she is a flight risk). Ziva is eager to please, but can be reactive on leash. She would do well in a home without other pets or kids. The ideal owner will be patient and continue with her obedience training.

image0 (1).jpeg
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