WGR Adoptable Dogs

Adoption Fees:

Under 3 years:  $425

3 years - 8 years: $375

9+ years: $200

Pitbulls: $250
(1 year and older)

Senior Citizen (65+)
adopting a dog 9+ years: $150

Your Fees Include:

  • Microchip

  • Age Appropriate Vaccinations
    (at time of adoption)

  • Rabies Vaccine (at 6 months of age)

  • Deworming

  • Heartworm and Flea/Tick Prevention

  • Spay & Neuter by 6 months of age

  • Heartworm Test (If over 6 months of age at time of adoption)

All WGR dogs must complete their  spay/neuter by 6 months of age

dog paw (1).png
dog paw (1).png
dog paw (1).png
dog paw (1).png

Note: All breeds are educated guesses of WGR and Vet inspection

Please allow 72 hours from the date the dog is available for processing.

We do accept applications for dogs that are "Pending"  in case

the current application doesn't work out

Click on the picture of the dog to learn more!

Agapo Love

Lab Mix

2 years | Male


*Pending Adoption*

Husky Mix

5 years| Female



Jack Russel Terrier

3 years| Female

Alora 1_edited.jpg



5 years| Female

Zia 1.jpg

Billie Jo

Boxer Mix

6 months| Female

Billie Jo 1.jpg


Pit Bull Mix

4 years | Female

Cecelia 2.jpg

Chips Ahoy

Labrador Mix

5 months| Male

Chips Ahoy 3.jpg


Pit Bull Mix

10 weeks| Female

Length 3.jpg


Pit Bull Mix

5 years | Female

Benchwarmer! (1).png

Mr. Rugar Roo

American Bulldog Mix

9 years | Male

Mr. Rugar Roo 2.jpg



7 months| Male

Soren 1.jpg

Pretty Patches

Heeler Mix

8 months| Female

Pretty Patches 2.jpg

Cashew Roo

Hound Mix

3 years| Male

Cashew Roo 1.jpg


Pit Bull Mix

6 months | Female

dusa 3.jpg

Lacie Brynn

Pit Bull Mix

5 months| Female

Lacie 1.jpg


Labrador Mix

7 months| Female

Mari 1.jpg

Kiki Dee

Pit Bull Mix

1.5 years | Female

benchwarmer photo.png

Mr. Axel

Pit Bull Mix

9 months| Male

Mr. Axel 2.jpg


Pit bull Mix

3 years| Female

Baxley 2.jpg

Bobbie Jo

Boxer Mix

6 months| Female

Bobbie Jo 2.jpg

Bonnie Bug

Mixed Breed

1 year| Female

Bonnie Bug 1.jpg


Chihuahua Mix

1.5 years| Male

Eleven 1.jpg

Gemma Jones


3 years| Female

Gemma Jones 1.jpg

Diamond Rose


3 years| Female

Diamond 2.jpg

Please proceed with this application ONLY if you are currently in a position to bring home a dog within the next 3 days out of respect for our other applicants.