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Nala Rose

Pit Bull Mix

2 years
40 lbs
Adoption Fee $500

Requirements: None

Nala 1.jpg
Nala Rose 2.jpg
Nala Rose 1.jpg

Hi all, I'm Nala Rose and I can't wait to show you my brand of lovin'! Do you want a solid little spoon? Do you want someone to look lovingly into your eyes? Then I am your girl! I adore being by people and you will be able to tell by just one look into my eyes!

I'm a fan of walks; I don't bark at other dogs or pull on my leash. I've met a couple cats and did great with them. I'm also house and kennel trained. My foster mom has let me stay out of my kennel when she's left the house and I did great! I don't think I will need to be kenneled forever but I do like to have a safe space and I like taking my treats and food in my kennel.

Things that I am working on are some commands. I do great with “sit” but haven't got “stay” and “lay down” quite yet. I’m also working on how to properly meet and greet other dogs. I very much want to play but I can be a bit much for some dogs.

When I first came to my foster home I was a bit shut down but I've grown so much and just love people! New men take longer for me to warm up to and I appreciate it when they give me my space. But my love for people always wins and I still want to hang out and get to know them. I don't even bark at them! I hope you are looking for a sweet girl like me so we can meet soon!

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