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WGR Pitty Posse

"Many know them, few understand them"

Our Mission

The WGR Pitty Posse is made up of our volunteers who love Pitties and want to educate people about the breed and break the stigma that surrounds them. We also come up with different ways to market our own pitty mixes to be able to get them adopted into their forever home! If interested in volunteering, apply to volunteer!

Facts About Pitties

  • According to the American Temperament Test Society pitties rank high among the most affectionate, least aggressive dogs, with a temperament passing rate of 86.7%.

  • Pit bulls are the number one dog breed being brought to shelters every year. There are approximately 3.6 million pit bulls in the United States with a estimated 1.2 million of them ending up in shelters.

Why we love Pitties

  • Easy to train

  • Great with kids

  • Goofy

  • Energetic

  • Highly affectionate

  • Loyal

  • Friendly

  • Intelligent

Myth Busters!


All pit bulls are aggressive and will attack all people and dogs.



In truth, pit bulls are extremely loving, sweet and non-aggressive in nature. They are wonderful with children and, usually, with other dogs. Unfortunately, poor breeding practices, the media, and uneducation has led to this misnomer.


Pit bulls have locking jaws.


The jaws of the pit bull are functionally the same as the jaws of any other breed, and this has been proven via expert examination.


Pit bulls cannot get along well with other dogs.


 While it's true that there will be exceptions (as there are with ANY breed), pit bulls can get along very well with other dogs and animals with the proper training and supervision. They love to play!

Questions about insurance...

Do I have to pay more on my insurance if I adopt a pit bull?

There is not a law stating you have to pay more, however, some insurance companies will require you to pay  more to protect them against any claims.

What about blacklisting?

Some states have outlawed blacklisting, but insurance companies have a way around this. They have the right to deny coverage to dog owners due to the dog's past. Pit bulls happen to be the most commonly rejected dog breeds by home insurance companies. Check your local laws to see if there are any restrictions or bans against certian dog breeds

Tips to keep your existing homeowners and renter's insurance for your pit bull:

  • Enroll your pit in obedience classes

  • Take your dog to obtain a Canine Good Citizen certification

  • Make sure your pittie gets appropriate exercise and stimulate their brain with different enrichment

  • You can join groups on Facebook for more ideas on enrichment

  • Keep your dogs on a leash or in a fenced area and always supervise your pittie

  • Teach children and adults how to behave around animals and be aware of the signals you send to your do

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If interested in Joining our amazing Pitty Posse weither to volunteer or help foster - please fill out a volunteer application and we will be in contact with you shortly!

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