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Dear WGR Supporters,

We are unfortunately in a situation where we need to call upon our amazing friends, family, and supporters for help. WGR has been in operation since 2012.  We started out based out of our directors home. We literally used to intake HUNDREDS of dogs in her home, using her family’s bathroom to bathe the dogs!  In late 2016, the rescue had grown enough this simply was no longer a viable option. While our budget was humble, we were able to find a building to rent and obtained all the necessary zoning needed to operate our rescue from this location. By November 2016 we were working on moving in. We literally could not have been more excited. We had actual storage for our donated dog food and supplies, a place for all our records, room to hold meetings and adoption events, and more importantly an actual physical location we could open to the public. We even ended up getting an amazing bathing station donated! It truly seemed our dreams had come true!

However, shortly after we started noticing some issues with the building. In March 2017 we found mold and water damage and reported it to the landlord. In early 2018 we did some approved renovations that included drywalling in a large area. Shortly after, in May 2018 we reported the ceiling was actually leaking and had ruined the newly installed drywall. Over the course of the next two and half years, we had reported numerous instances of mold and the roof was leaking. Yet our pleas were often ignored, or we were told “I’ll be taking care of it as soon as I can”. We continued to be patient. What more could we do?

In April of 2019 we showed our landlord pictures and videos of the water damage causing pieces of moldy and rotten ceiling to fall into areas that we use to hold dogs during intakes.   In early July of 2020, a part of the ceiling in our storage room collapsed.  Rain literally could poor straight into the building.  We lost a huge portion of our supplies and donations due to this damage.  At this point we were told “it would be fixed as soon as he could get the financing from the bank”. We offered to pay for the roof several times, and not pay the monthly rent until roof bill would be paid back to us. That suggestion was repeatedly denied. Over a month later and we still have a hole in our ceiling straight through to the roof, the building is full of mold and reeks of mildew. Recently we were forced to close to the public as we don’t feel it is safe. And we continue to wait for any real solution from our landlord….

We simply cannot continue to operate where we are at. Thus, we began the search for a NEW residence! We recently toured a building in very close proximity to our current facility.  It is bigger, on a quieter street, has tons of storage and space for us to continue our mission and provide us room to grow and offer additional resources to our community in the future.  We are in LOVE and so excited about this opportunity! However, the building is for SALE – not rent.  But that is OK!  We would love a permanent home that is all ours and would love to purchase the building! We just need some help – and we need to act fast!  Please help us reach our goal to make this new dream come true!   

Your generous contribution will help us continue our important mission. We are a non-profit 501c3 rescue that saves roughly 1,200 dog's lives per year!

We have found a bank who is willing to work with us and we are possibly getting a loan for our new facility! We should know more soon so keep on the look out for more info! We are currently focusing on our new goal of a $25,000 down payment! Please keep sharing & help us make this happen!!

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WGR is proud to be 501c3 approved and run entirely by volunteers.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

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